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We’re doers and go-getters from different parts of the world. As a crew of specialists, strategists, creatives and code-monkeys, our exceptional cultural insight lends a global perspective to any brand project or campaign

In a world where trends and brand loyalty are perpetually shifting, our digital-forward strategies are attuned to this constant flux. Through inventive story-telling and bold visuals, we champion your brand to new and familiar audiences on cross-channel platforms.

Our approach is fresh and holistic to ensure the organic growth of your brand. We cut to the chase and focus on what’s effective. We believe that simple is the most effective. We also believe simple can be substantial. And we certainly know how to make simple impressive.

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We reinforce your business strategy and reflect your purpose, through a thoughtful, seamless, integrated approach to building your brand.

Research & Planning

BrandMatters has extensive experience conducting qualitative research in-house. Qualitative research typically involves collecting, analysing and interpreting data by observing what people do and say. It is usually conducted using in-depth interviews and focus groups. At BrandMatters our research expertise extends to conducting qualitative research; analysing the research findings; and strategically applying the findings to the development of your brand positioning.

Brand Strategy Development

A successful brand strategy takes your organisation’s values, principles and beliefs, and presents them consistently to your customers and stakeholders across all media. Consistently connecting your brand with your customers will improve both your business and marketing effectiveness. We can then develop an effective brand strategy that will outline how your product or service will be presented to your customers; and how your organisation will be presented to new and existing employees.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is the most concise, yet meaningful expression of what makes a brand unique. It is also sometimes known as the ‘brand essence.’ BrandMatters has the skills and experience to work with you to either uncover your existing brand’s positioning, or establish a new direction for positioning your brand. We can then develop the strategy and tools to bring your brand to life, or build a plan for moving your brand in the direction you want it to take.

Naming & Slogan

our brand name often delivers the first impression of your business. Its tone and meaning can automatically position your organisation in the minds of your customers. Your brand name can be used to support and reflect your brand positioning and convey your organisation’s aspirations and ideals BrandMatters uses a specific, proven methodology to develop each brand name. Our brand naming process is informed by an understanding of your business strategy, desired position in the market and consideration of your other, already existing brands.

Brand Identity Design

Your corporate identity is about much more than just a logo. Your look and feel is a system of recognisable elements that make up the visual identity of your brand. These elements include the logo, typeface and style and may extend to photography, imagery and colour palettes.

An effective brand identity translates your values and vision into consistent images that are familiar to all your customers and stakeholders. It is a tangible asset that gives the company its visual identity.

simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
leonardo da vinci